Contribute to ASEAN society by providing COMFORT and SAFETY through production and sales of high performance and good quality brake products. And, with these kinds of activities, realize the dream of local employees and maintain their happy living



Expand Sales activities that our customers count on

  • Provide any local products which meet customers' need
  • Making reliable and affordable products which meet quantity, quality, and cost

Quality and Technology

Provide ASEAN No.1 Quality & Technology to make customer satisfaction

  • Develop customers vehicle, plan and supply No. 1 product which contributes to the production
  • Realization of Superior Quality with the aim for Customers ZERO Trouble


Growth of ASEAN's Leading Top Companies

  • Dedicate to social & Making environment of respect to culture & history of those countries
  • Train executive candidates by the aggressive local training system
  • All the actions must be based on laws and regulations.