Dedication to social ASEAN           by delivering security and peace of mind through the production and sale of brake products, excellent quality and high efficiency as well as the dream of a reality and maintain living happily. From the above activities.



Expanded marketing activities, customer trust.

  • Delivering all the goods produced locally to meet the needs of customers.
  • Producing products that customers can buy with peace of mind. Meet both the quantity, quality and price.

Quality and Technology

Deliver quality and technology ranked first in the region to impress clients.

  • Planning and delivery of the first dedicated to the production, development of customer cars.
  • Build quality is excellent, the actual target of zero waste is not to create trouble for customers.


Growth is a leading company that is dominant in the region.

  • Dedication to social harmony and create a culture of respect. The history of that country.
  • Human resources management by developing the knowledge of the staff that country fully.
  • All the action will be based on the laws and regulations strictly.